Yoga teacher branding: Brittany Stephens

It has been just over a year since I first took photos of Brittany at Elevate Yoga to help promote her teachings as a yoga teacher here in Ottawa. She is the sweetest human, with the most bubbly personality. I love working with her.

This time, I met Brittany at Breather in the Byward Market. She wanted to incorporate more colour into her Instagram feed so we used the infamous brick wall.

yoga teacher sitting against red brick wall in cow face legs yoga teacher sitting backwards with mala yoga teacher meditating against red brick wall Brittany in variation of camel against red brick wall

I love that there are two very different looks to work within this space.

yoga teacher in toe stand in living room yoga teacher in lotus pose meditating in living room yoga teacher in pigeon pose in living room yoga teacher's hands in pigeon pose on hardwood floor yoga teacher sitting cross legged in front of plant Brittany against brick wall holding wild green plantlifestyle photo of Brittany holding green coffee mug

Is any photoshoot complete without coffee? The answer is no.

Brittany holding green coffee mug Brittany sitting in a chair wearing jean jacket

Interested in a session like Brittany’s? Lets chat! I’m currently booking into August. I don’t even want to think about the fact that summer is like two months from being over! Waaaaah 🙁

Send me an email for more info!

  1. Audrey says:

    Hello Brittany, I have heard great things about your work and it’s benefits. I have recently discovered your show on Roger’s and think I would like to participate in a class or some type of instruction. Thanks for your help and service on behalf of all who really need this.

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