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Brand photography that empowers you to show up confidently, tell your unique stories, & take your visual presence to the next level!

Elevate Your Visuals, Elevate Your BRand.

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You know it’s time to say goodbye to the stock photos and iPhone headshots forever, but you’re just not sure if someone outside your business (and brain) could capture exactly what you want to communicate to the world. 

I’m here to tell you that the right expert can do precisely that.

When you do manage to take a batch of pretty good pictures, all you can think about is that you’ll soon have to do it all over again - the need to keep up with new/fresh content for your business is overwhelming.

But the more your business grows, the clearer it becomes that the mediocre photography on your social media profiles, website, and marketing deliverables is holding you back - is stopping you from attracting your ideal clients. They just don’t resonate.
And this realization has taken the wind out of your social media sails. It’s keeping you from showing up with absolute confidence. Not to mention making you hesitate even sending potential clients to your website. 

When you first started your business, your tripod, iPhone, and mobile Lightroom presets worked just fine. You had fun taking them and felt pretty good sharing them with your audience. Realness is in, right?

There comes a time in any small business owners journey when we expand beyond the DIY

And with every cohesive brand photo you post or use in your launches or add to your website, the more your confidence will grow. The more you will show up. And the more clients you will draw in.

And it all starts with getting to know your business so that I can offer you photography that reflects who you are and what you do. Pinterest Vision Boards & connection-driven strategy calls are my love language.

Together, we will not only bring your vision to life through brand images but expand it beyond what you currently envision. 

Let’s capture an intentional & purposeful set of images that empower you to serve more people…

Telling a deeper visual story about who you are and the audience you want to connect to.

Giving your brand & the experience attached to it a more streamlined and seamless feel across all platforms so that they recognize you whether your audience lands on your website, social stories, or newsletter.

Highlighting what you do best in your services, products, or offers.

Because professional, genuine imagery is about more than showing off your good side. 

It’s about…

The long and short of it? Whether you’re a physiotherapist, real estate agent, or coffee shop owner, having intentionally taken photos will set you apart from the competition and help you elevate your brand to the next level.

It is a deep dive into your brand’s unique identity, resulting in a cohesive library of images that stand out as uniquely yours.

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Let’s set a date to chat virtually over coffee about your business, your photography needs, timelines, and what moving forward with booking and executing a branding session together will look like.

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Before our session, I will send over an in-depth questionnaire so that we’re clear on your values, business goals, and brand objectives. PLUS, we’ll strategize about location, wardrobe, style, and shot list.

Thorough Discovery

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Based on what we lay out through the discovery process, we’ll create images to enhance your brand identity & elevate your visual experience. 

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"As a small business owner, working with Ashley was a dream! She understood my vision board immediately and not only brought it to life in her photos but also helped me expand on my vision. My models all felt so comfortable with her, and it shined in the final product. I’ve been able to use her work on both my social media and on my website, which made for a great investment There is no doubt that I plan to continue to work with Ashley as my brand evolves!"

— Rebecca Mazzara, Calita Intimates

"My experience with Ashley was great from the first email to receiving the photos. She was fun, adaptable, and produced fantastic content. I would recommend her to anyone looking to give their business an edge!"

— Dr. Shayne Young, Active Health Institute

"Ashley saved my rebrand! I didn't think it would be possible to get photos of the calibre I needed during winter in a pandemic, but she stepped in and helped create the space, the look, and the setting needed for my high-end brand. And she made me feel high-end! Her professionalism was perfectly blended with humour and enthusiasm. She took my ideas to heart and elevated them with her own. I'm excited for more shoots with Ashley!

— Lisa Haggis, Brand 

“Having worked with Ashley a couple times now, I have to say that her service is excellent! She is extremely comfortable to work with and makes the entire experience feel effortless. I couldn’t be happier with the finished images as they were not only exactly what I was looking for but she delivered them in a timely manner as well.”

— Kenny Caceros, UVU Fitness

“Ashley is such a pleasure to work with and her photos really bring our website and social media to life! She is super organized and efficient and puts everyone at ease. I would recommend her without hesitation to other business owners and entrepreneurs”

— Tesia Bryski, Resiliency Clinic

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