Yoga teacher branding session at Elevate Yoga

When Brittany contacted me about doing her yoga teacher branding session at Elevate Yoga, I was so excited! I had seen Brittany’s name floating around the yoga world for a while, but had yet to meet her.

There’s something about working with a client who you meet for the first time at your session together. I always make a point of chatting over the phone beforehand, not only to make sure we have a clear idea of our concept, but to really get a sense of the client’s personality and their vision for these photos. So all that to say, I only really had our phone conversation as well as her completed questionnaire (and a bit of creeping online) to go by.

When I arrived at Elevate Yoga for our session, Brittany immediately gave me a warm and welcoming hug. And I knew instantly that I wanted the photos to feel exactly like that hug – warm and welcoming.

modified side plank in black and white in front of windows plants on window ledgecrescent lunge with arms crossed overhead hands holding feet in butterfly pose yoga teacher smiling in butterfly pose

Brittany came super organized, with a list of poses she wanted to capture. Rather than just taking photos of those poses straight on, I decided to add a little perspective to the poses to create a bit more a narrative…something Brittany can work with when sharing these photos on her social media channels.

runners lunge focused on armsside plank goddess arms yoga teacher in forward foldyoga teacher surrendering in pigeon pose with palms facing upyoga teacher seated in double pigeon smiling at the camera forward fold holding feetyoga teacher rolling up her mat

It was also important for Brittany to showcase that yoga is for everyone. What better way to express that than by throwing on a pair of jeans and doing some yoga!

yoga teacher seated on her yoga mat wearing jeans and a white t-shirt yoga teacher wearing blue jeans in camel pose yoga teacher in child's pose wearing blue jeans

Finally, a picture of Brittany meditating. Conveying silence, serenity, and peace. With the perfect top knot.

yoga teacher meditating below plants in white pots hanging on the wall

Interested in a branding session of your own? I don’t JUST work with yoga teachers, promise! These photos can be for anything from coffee shops, to art galleries, to real estate agents. You name it. If you’re a business owner, chances are your business could benefit from more and more (and more) professional, and cohesive content (i.e. photos!) on your social media and website. So let’s chat!

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