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This was my fourth and final session with Nikki of Blue Whale Communications. Nikki is a familiar face around these parts! As you may recall, Nikki signed up for a yearly investment branding collection which includes 4 sessions spread out over the course of the year. To think our first session in Westboro was already a year ago!

Nikki recently started working out of Media Mall, a cool shared office space in Ottawa that is literally minutes from my house and I never knew it existed. I am so envious of her office, outside of her home (don’t tell my husband…the poor guy has been working tirelessly building my office space behind the garage of our home!!). For all you entrepreneurs out there, you know how difficult it can be to get stuff done in your home office. Between the kids running around and the mountain of dishes that guilts you every time you go fill up your water bottle in the kitchen, it can be tough to stay motivated to get work done.

content writer jotting notes down in a notebook at her desk

By our fourth session together, I could tell Nikki was super comfortable in front of the camera. It takes practice to be a photo subject, and I personally don’t like having my photo taken. But I push myself to get in front of the camera from time to time and I’ll tell you, it gets easier every time. Nikki looked flawless and we had so much fun exploring this cool little office space at Media Mall.

Social media content creator holding her cell phone with her feet up on the table laughingsocial media content creator having coffee in retro diner style kitchen social media content creator smiling in retro diner style kitchen

Like many of the business owners I work with, Nikki truly understands the importance of having a strong brand.

She also knows that you need fresh content to support it. Nikki is a content creator and helps businesses with social media, blog posts, copy for their websites, and more. Social media is a BEAST and is often so hard to keep up with. But, when you have professional photos that support your message, it helps your business grow.

Social media content creator smiling at the camera girl looking into the sun in polkadot shirt in black and white girl standing in front of industrial building wearing a jean jacket girl laughing as her hair blows in the wind

Looking for some branding photos? Get in touch with me for more info! There are lots of options to choose from, depending on the needs of your business.

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