Home cleaning service: Mads Manic Cleaning

Oh, 2021. You started off a little rocky, but you’ve already come back with a bang. I had to reschedule so many of my branding sessions due to the last lockdown, but we’re back baby! And I’m squeezing in all the branding photos with all the amazing entrepreneurs out there. Many businesses have suffered as a result of the pandemic, others were born out of this pandemic. With people working from home and overall spending more time inside their houses, people are looking to house cleaners to keep up.

Enter Mads Manic Cleaning Co.
Madison started her business with the intention of providing excellent customer service and top-notch cleaning. She now services many regular clients, from residential cleaning, to commercial cleaning.

house cleaner leaning against wooden countertop pink lotus flower and frame that says "shine" house cleaner holding a pink mop leaning against a wall house cleaner holding a pink broom smilinghouse cleaner in kitchen with cleaning products house cleaner cleaning a countertop house cleaner leaning against countertop smiling at the camera house cleaner wiping down wooden countertop house cleaner holding a pink basket of cleaning supplies

Madison is definitely a total girl boss.

house cleaner holding up a frame that says girl boss house cleaner holding a pink basket of cleaning supplies house cleaner holding pink lotus flower house cleaner cleaning toilet bowl smiling at the camera house cleaner dusting wooden cabinet house cleaner dusting chandelier over dining room table house cleaner sitting at a table with notebook

Are you a residential or commercial service in need of some brand photos to spice up your website and social media? Get in touch for more info on the branding process!

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