Ottawa Massage Therapist Kelly Salvador

One early and sweaty morning, I was stretching post-workout at UVU Fitness when I got to chatting with Ottawa Registered Massage Therapist Kelly Salvador. We had crossed paths a few times coming and going from our personal training sessions. On this morning, I asked Kelly if she offered prenatal massages (since I was starting to feel the aches and pains of pregnancy). She mentioned meaning to get in touch with me about some photos for her RMT business…and there you have it – a wonderful exchange was born.

Kelly booked my two hour collection, so that we could get as many different locations in as possible to reflect her day to day life. A homebody, Kelly likes to hunker down at home with her dog when she’s not at her office, sip tea and read a book.

massage therapist hanging out at home with her dog massage therapist floating shelf at home with camera, books and other decor massage therapist sitting on her couch with a cup of tea massage therapist sitting on her couch laughing with a cup of tea massage therapist walking her dog in the park

As I mentioned already, Kelly trains at UVU Fitness, where we met. It’s part of her routine of staying fit and better able to serve her clients. Kelly is also taking a Strength and Conditioning Trainers Course part time to better her understanding of training and exercise for her clients. She often works with athletes, so understanding the body on a deeper level is important to her. But, she also works with regular people, too. I.e. The pregnant girl.

massage therapist with barbell on her shoulders looking at herself in the mirrormassage therapist sitting on a weight bench at her gym massage therapist with full sleeve with barbell on her shoulders massage therapist in sphinx pose at the gym

Finally, we went to Kelly’s clinic, where we took some photos of what the client experience looks like. Warning – you will crave a massage after this.

massage therapist sitting with her client in her office massage therapist scented candle with stack of books on bookshelf massage therapist giving a massage to a client on massage table massage therapist sitting at her desk smilingmassage therapist with tattoos giving neck massage massage therapist leaning against her desk smiling

And finally, the standard headshot. I was able to set up a quick backdrop to update Kelly’s business headshot that she uses in some of her Instagram posts.

massage therapist headshot

Are you in need of a new massage therapist? Check out Kelly’s website for more info and book a massage. She is incredible!

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