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Nikki from Xactly Design definitely isn’t a new face around these parts. You’ve definitely seen her a few times since The Notley Creative launched earlier this year. Nikki, a content marketer, and digital communications strategist was the first client to book a Yearly Investment package. Since then, we’ve done 3 sessions, in 3 different locations with 3 different vibes. Our first branding session was in Westboro and the second was at the Arboretum. It is always such a pleasure to work with Nikki.

This time, we met at her new office, Xactly Design, in Westboro where she is working in their social media department. This office space is so hip and trendy. Well decorated and the perfect spot for a few different looks.

Here are some of my faves from our branding session together at the Xactly office last month!

content marketer leaning up against barn board wall looking out the window content marketer sitting with a cup of coffee with a pillow that says "think outside the box" content marketer against steal wallcontent marketer sitting on a window sill with blues brothers statues in the foreground content marketer writing in her notebook sitting by a brick wall content marketer and social media expert sitting with her phone next to wall with social media icons

Interested in a branding and lifestyle session of your own? I’m currently booking into the spring of 2019 and things are already starting to fill up so get in touch soon!

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