SPINCO Ottawa owner Nicole Hilstob

Nicole was my first official client through The Notley Creative and I am so grateful for her willingness to be part of this new venture. Nicole is no stranger to new ventures herself…she has been working tirelessly for months and months to build a beautiful community of students at the new SPINCO location in Ottawa.

SPINCO is a chain of spinning studios that started in Kelowna, BC where Nicole is from. It has since grown to 6 locations across Canada, with another one set to open soon!

SPINCO offers structured, full-body spin classes designed to strengthen the body, energize the mind and feed the soul. Since 2014, the goal of each SPINCO class has been to work together as one team, one bike, moving in unison to the beat of the music to engage the butt, core, and arms. Led by dedicated & motivating instructors, that have undergone intensive in-house training, SPINCO’s workouts are made to inspire and uplift. No matter the fitness level, they’ll motivate you to achieve higher levels of personal well-being, physical strength, and a positive mental attitude.

When Nicole and I started hashing out ideas for our photoshoot together, it was clear we wanted to highlight this new space in Ottawa more than anything else. For anyone who has been to SPINCO, you know this place is magic. The vibe, the teachers, the community…it’s electric.

In case starting a new business wasn’t enough work, Nicole got a puppy around the same time the studio opened. Tucker is now a fixture around the studio. Naturally, he had to be part of our shoot!

spin instructor cuddling with her black lab outside of spin studioportrait of spin instructor SPINCO swag waterbottles, hats and toques spin bike with neon sign that says "work, sweat, achieve"spin instructor about to open doors to spin studio

When asked what made her decide to open Spinco here in Ottawa, Nicole answered this:
“Because I followed my heart and it led me to this. I had actually never even been to Ottawa until I decided to move here for a job. I had a 2 year plan to be here with the intention of moving back home. My boyfriend plays professional football and ended up getting traded to the Ottawa REDBLACKS so we ended up here a lot longer than I had wanted. It only made sense to build a life here. Teaching spin was already a passion of mine and so was SPINCO so the worlds collided and I decided to follow my dream and open a place that I felt could change peoples lives like it did mine.”

gold necklace that says "fearless" on it

Nicole wears a necklace with the word “fearless” engraved to remind herself of this journey.

spinning instructor reflected in the computer SPINCO swag sports bras and sweaters

With all my clients at The Notley Creative, I send a pre-photoshoot questionnaire in an effort to learn more about your business and brand, so that I know what to focus on when I arrive at our shoot. Nicole talked a lot about the community at SPINCO. She wants it to feel like a fun, welcoming environment, no matter your fitness level. So we timed our shoot so that I could also be there during sign-in at the front desk and for the beginning of class as students hopped on their bikes.

students feet at SPINCO waiting to sign in to class student putting on spinning shoesspin instructor signing students into class at the front desk spin student adjusting tension on the spin bike during classspinning students riding spin bike spin student taking a drink from water bottlespinning instructor smiling at the camera

Now that SPINCO is open, the work doesn’t stop here for Nicole. Instagram. Emails. Researching new music. Chatting with people. Building a strong community of riders, instructors, and friends. It’s definitely a full-time job!

Congratulations to Nicole for being the fearless gal that she is and opening up SPINCO’s newest location in Ottawa. I can’t wait to see where this new venture leads.

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