Lifestyle photography with Stephanie Kay Nutrition

You may know her as Stephanie…her Instagram followers know her as “Red”. Witty redhead who is killing this Instagram game! Anyone who follows her knows how hilarious her Instagram stories are…I obsessively watch them because she is so entertaining. In your next life, Steph, I think you should be a comedian.

Stephanie Kay outside Bytown Crossfit gym flexing

But back to business, this girl is crazy good at what she does. Beyond offering advice vis a vis nutrition, she has a built a brand that is so relate-able. If you watch her Insta stories, you know that she’s a crossfit gym rat, she drinks coffee, she’s got an adorable puppy named Arthur and she actually cares what you think. Yes, you. Whoever is out there, she wants to know what you want to know about recipes, nutrition, food, helpful tips, tricks, you name it.

Stephanie Kay at Bytown Crossfit gym Stephanie Kay at Bytown Crossfit gym flexing Stephanie Kay at Bytown Crossfit gym

Steph reached out to me last year about hiring me on to take photos of her, throughout the year, to showcase more of her personality to her followers. Steph understands the importance of keeping her social media content fresh and relevant, but also sees the value in adding a little more of herself into her brand. She is, after all, “Stephanie Kay” Nutrition.

Our first shoot was a big one – a walk in the part with her dog, off to the gym where she does Crossfit on the regular, and then over to Pure Kitchen where she’ll sometimes go to get out of the house and get some work done.

Stephanie Kay walking her dog through the parkStephanie Kay drinking coffee working at her computer at Pure Kitchen Stephanie Kay drinking coffee working at her computer at Pure KitchenStephanie Kay drinking coffee working at her computer at Pure Kitchen

Last month, we took some photos in her home office to showcase her real day-to-day grind behind the computer. Running a business is a lot less “cooking” in her case, and more administration. Blogging, social media, emails, meal plans, you name it.

Stephanie Kay sitting at her desk at home drinking coffeeStephanie Kay writing in her notebookStephanie Kay cuddling with her dog Arthur at her desk

Also, Arthur. Because, well…he’s adorable.

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  1. Hi there, love your work, love what you did for Stephanie. I would love to chat ASAP about getting some photography done.

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