Introducing The Notley Creative: Ottawa Branding and Lifestyle Photographer

Today is a big day. My labour of love over the last few months is finally ready for the world to see! I am beyond excited to introduce you to my brand new website for this Ottawa branding and lifestyle photographer: The Notley Creative.

Choosing a name was next to impossible. My wedding photography website is just simply my name – Ashley Notley Photography– and I didn’t want to veer too far from my name. I even contemplated just adding a section on my wedding website to display my branding and lifestyle work, but I didn’t feel like it was a good fit. I don’t want to take away from my couples and all of the love on my wedding photography website, so The Notley Creative was born.

Nicola Anderson wearing Spiritual Gangster namaste toque smiling for the camera

The Notley Creative is a branding and lifestyle photography company aimed at providing small businesses and entrepreneurs with professional images to support and strengthen their brand.

The idea stemmed from my decision to create a separate Instagram account once my son, Smith, was born. I couldn’t resist posting endless, mostly iPhone, images of him on what was both my professional and personal Instagram feed. I started to notice that the look and feel completely changed now that I was posting less professional-looking images, and more photos of my squishy baby. Not to say I don’t post cute photos of my baby now, but they are professional photos that are more fitting with my brand (see photo number one below on my business profile…I just can’t resist!! Haha.).  Here’s a comparison of my business and personal Instagram page. Do you notice a difference in the look and feel?

wedding photography instagram page

VS. my personal Instagram page

More and more, businesses are seeking out professional photographs to better represent their brand, their business, and their personality. It’s crucial to have a cohesive-looking portfolio of images in order to be taken seriously. Photos that not only tell a story, but that show clients a glimpse into running your business, who you are, and why you do what you do.

laptop, notebook and colour wheel from above

The Notley Creative is for new businesses just starting out, who need images for their website and social media, as well as businesses who have been around for a while, but need to freshen up their portfolio of images.

Maybe a business that’s going through a rebrand and their old photos no longer represent their new brand. It’s for entrepreneurs who know the importance of showing off more of who they are to the world.

yoga teacher standing in downtown ottawa streets in dancer's pose

The posts on my professional Instagram page that get the most engagement are often the ones of me or my son. Sounds vain, I know, but my followers enjoy getting to know me and seeing a glimpse into my life. Clients want to know who you are and what you’re all about. They want to feel connected to you. Because social media has taken over a lot in the business world, it’s so crucial for us to have a strong online presence so that we start to build those relationships with our clients before they even walk through our doors.

personal trainer sitting on workbench

A successful business is one that builds trust with their clientele. By continuously putting out there what you value, what you love about your business and who you are as a business owner, clients will start to trust in your brand and business. You’ll start attracting more and more of your ideal client and your business will be flourishing.

yoga teacher with hands together in front of heart

Are you a business in need of some fresh content for your website, Instagram and Facebook? Lets chat! I would be so honoured if you took a peek around The Notley Creative! Let me know if you have questions, comments, or if you see any broken links or spelling mistakes. I’m an Ottawa branding and lifestyle photographer, so writing is not my strong suit. Fact.

Happy Monday, friends! I am so excited to see where this new venture leads!


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