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I recently had the pleasure of spending the day at MDRN Studio in Kanata capturing brand photos for the Photo Booth Mastery course with Catalina Bloch. Cat, the owner of MDRN Photo Booth, is a successful entrepreneur in Ottawa who has designed a comprehensive course to help other photo booth companies thrive in the industry. This was my first brand shoot with Cat, in collaboration with the Northern Brand Collective.

As I walked into the studio, I was greeted by Cat’s warm smile and infectious energy. She was eager to get started on the photo shoot, and I could tell that she was passionate about sharing her knowledge and expertise with others in the industry. We spent some time discussing the look and feel of the images we wanted to capture – clean, modern, and professional, with a side of fun, reflecting Cat’s brand and the high-quality service she offers.

Setting up for the shoot, I couldn’t help but admire the sleek and stylish photo booth she had set up in the studio. I knew that capturing these elements would be key in telling her story through the photos.

As we got started, Cat effortlessly slipped into her role as a teacher and mentor, demonstrating the various aspects of running a successful photo booth business. I was impressed by her knowledge and passion for the industry, and it was clear that she was dedicated to helping others succeed.

Overall, the photography experience at MDRN Studio was a true delight. The brand photos we captured will undoubtedly enhance her website and showcase the high-quality course that she has created for other likeminded photo booth business owners. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with such a talented entrepreneur and look forward to seeing the impact of the Photobooth Mastery course on the industry.

Cat has invested in a Quarterly Collection, so there will be shortage of her on the blog in future. Quarterly Collections are a great way to keep your content fresh and to update your photos throughout the year. Have questions? Contact me for more info!

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