Ottawa yoga teacher lifestyle photos: Vanessa

Vanessa is a recent graduate of the Yogatown teacher training and is beginning her career as a yoga teacher. She reached out to me about a branding session to get a few lifestyle photos to help get her started online. What a natural beauty!

yoga teacher wearing street clothes walking in front of greenhouse ottawa yoga teacher sitting on step in front of old greenhouse ottawa yoga teacher leaning against old greenhouse door smiling at the camera

We met at one of my favourite locations – the greenhouses at the Experimental Farm. We started with some lifestyle photos of Vanessa before she changed into her yoga outfit for a few others.

ottawa yoga teacher looking into the sunset in front of old greenhouseottawa yoga teacher in tree pose in front of old white barn ottawa yoga teacher in warrior two on top of stack of logs

Is there anything more beautiful than running through a field of dandelions?!

ottawa yoga teacher running in a field of dandelionsottawa yoga teachers with hands in prayer and eyes closed ottawa yoga teacher sitting on stack of logs smiling at the camera yoga teacher in side bend on a path wearing converse sneakersottawa yoga teacher in crescent moon in front of stack of logsottawa yoga teacher running in a field of dandelions ottawa yoga teacher looking into the sunset with hands in prayer overheadSupermoon at sunset in a field of old logs

A beautiful supermoon to finish off the evening!

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