Active Health Hintonburg Branding Photos

Dr. Shayne Young, chiropractor and clinical director at Active Health Hintonburg, contacted me about getting some branding photos taken at his clinic. After chatting with Shayne, we decided that a quarterly branding package would be best. Our first session together focused on photos of Shayne in action with a patient, as well as a few of him on his own.

physiotherapist walking into a treatment room from the hallwayphysiotherapist treating client's arm in treatment room physiotherapist treating client's neckphysiotherapist with hypervolt therapy gun on patient's hip physiotherapist pointing to client's arm in treatment room

Shayne is Graston technique trained, and he is also trained in Neurofunctional Acupuncture. We got a few photos of both in action.

physiotherapist doing graston technique on patient's armphysiotherapist doing dry needling on patient physiotherapist doing dry needling with electric stimulation

We went into the gym for a few photos of some key exercises that Shayne often gives to his clients.

physiotherapist coaching client into bird dog in gym physiotherapist coaching client into overhead press with kettlebell physiotherapist doing barbell back squat against blue wall in gym physiotherapist doing turkish getup in a gym with kettlebell overhead physiotherapist kneeling with kettlebell overhead

After some photos indoors, we headed outside for a few more of Shayne. Active Health Hintonburg is located in City Centre. There are lots of cool spots in and around there to take photos. Here are a just a few of my faves from outside.

physiotherapist against blue metal wall smiling at the camera physiotherapist sitting on steps in the winter physiotherapist outdoors against a cement wall

Coincidentally, a few short days after this shoot, I called Shayne after having pulled a muscle that was a literal pain in the butt. I would highly recommend him!

Our next shoot is coming up next month! Stay tuned for more of Shayne and his team!

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