Ottawa yoga teacher Trina Watters

Last week, I had the pleasure of working with Trina Watters, a fellow yogi and teacher. Trina teaches at Movati Athletic and was looking for some updated photos of herself to share with her yoga students! We met at Yogatown, where Trina practices yoga from time to time, and took some photos of her practicing, meditating, and some more casual photos of her hanging out.

yoga teacher in warrior 2 pose yoga teacher with hands at heart yoga teacher in side stretch

You’d never believe it, but Trina is an accountant in her non-yogi life. I’ve always wanted to be good at numbers. But I never will be. That’s why I’ll leave it to the professionals.

yoga teacher in forward fold smiling yoga teacher with hands at heart centre reflected in the mirror yoga teacher smiling at the camera

Such a beauty.

yoga teacher with hands at heart yoga teacher in half way lift

Can we please talk about how amazing this sweater is?! No better way to end a photoshoot! Ha.

yoga teacher wearing a Friends sweatshirt sitting against barn board wall smiling

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