5 tips to make showing up on your socials easy ๐Ÿ‘€

I have to be honest… I 100% am guilty of getting caught up in the numbers of social media ๐Ÿซฃ.

Followers, likes, views…it’s all so validating when one post gets a lot of likes and comments, but when another reel (that I spent what felt like hours creating) gets almost no views,ย I feel like I have failed. Please tell me that I am not the only one alone in this validation station?!

I was chatting with the other day and could not help but think ‘Wow, they must be KILLING it!’ ‘They have so many followers!’. And right at that moment, I was quickly reminded that followers don’t equate to success.ย For those people in the back that didn’t hear me… I REPEAT – FOLLOWERS AND SUCCESS ARE TWO SEPARATE THINGS! While Instagram is an incredible marketing tool, a high follower count does not necessarily translate to income. Yes, building an online community of followers and supporters is great and helpful, but be mindful that it doesn’t necessarily guarantee that you would be able to pay the bills.

The most important thing to worry about is that the online community is seeing the posts that you have spent time building AND that your posts are both engaging and relevant. Staying top of mind with your existing audience will help build trust and they will inevitably think of you when looking for services or products that you offer. How can you do this?ย Here are 5 ways to show up on social to remain top of mind:

1) Consistency: Posting regularity should be a non-negotiable. The frequency doesn’t matter – stick to what you know you can commit to in a week. While you may think it’s better to post more often, there is no real benefit to posting every day one week, and then only once or twice the following week. Your audience (and the algorithm!!!) will come to recognize these habits and push your content accordingly.

2) Relevant Content: Your content pillars must be consistent and relevant to the message you are trying to convey to your audience. Are your posts typically educational, motivational, and packed with tips and tricks? Stay within a managable 3-5 content pillars that can easily be rotated on repeat. The more your content hits home with your audience, the more likely they are to engage and for it to show up on their feeds/through their Explore pages. Don’t neglect the captions! Adding compelling captions, hashtags, and keywords will make your content that much more visible.

3) Engagement (the two-way street): Ahhh, engagement: one of the few two-way streets in the internet world. Not only are you creating content that your followers are compelled to interact with, but you should also consider spending time engaging with your community. Set aside about 5 minutes of every day to turn the mindless scrolling into intentional engagement. Create a conversation, ask questions, and be interested in what they have to offer. Leave an insightful comment and share their post to your stories. Use the collaboration feature to cross-promote your content.ย Don’t forget to respond to comments on your posts, as well. Use polls, question stickers, or emoji sliders in your stories to increase engagement.

4) Quality photos: The online world is full of noise (both relevant and irrelevant noise), so it’s easy for your content to get lost in all of it. I know I may biased, but eye-catching photos create visual interest which will more than likely stop the mindless scroll. The algorithm is said to be changing to favour static carousel posts since our feeds are mostly inundated with reels and more video content these days. While videos are still performing well across the board, consider sprinkling in static photos with compelling captions and relevant hashtags. Keep your photo editing style consistent and on brand. TIP: Hire a brand photographer to help create content that intentionally supports your brand and is relevant to your niche (*wink wink, nudge nudge*)!

5) Be vulnerable: Yes, it’s scary and uncomfortable but showing more of the real โ€œyouโ€ from time to time helps your audience remember that there’s a real person on the other side of this online world. It helps us to feel more connected, and again, builds trust. And while I know the numbers don’t matter, when I post something a little more personal (likeย this one), it gets a heck of a lot more engagement. So don’t be afraid to share the struggles and triumphs of entrepreneurship.

In the grand scheme of things, the number of followers and likes does not matter. Staying consistent in your posting, posting engaging and quality content, and engaging with your followers is what really matters. The more we make this online space about building a community, the more your efforts will result in meaningful connections with potential clients.

If you are looking to create more compelling visual content that is on brand and will leave an impact on your audience, reach out to inquire about booking a branding session. I would love to work with you! ๐Ÿ“ธ

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