Virtual yoga teacher brand photos: Loren Crawford

Another Covid studio branding session and this time with Loren Crawford Yoga, who is in the midst of a rebrand and a total website overhaul. He needed some new brand photos to fill in some gaps and get his social media accounts up to speed, so we pulled together a one-hour branding session and got a bunch of different looks.

yoga teacher sitting in the living room in seated meditationyoga teacher sitting at kitchen counter taking notes in a notebookyoga teacher seated in a window reading a book yoga teacher in hand to big toe pose yoga teacher sitting on couch meditating with mala beads yoga teacher sitting on a chair meditatingyoga teacher meeting a client virtually on the computer yoga teacher in seated meditation yoga teacher meditating with black mala on and hands at heart

Loren has shifted to teaching both yoga classes and teacher trainings online, so we wanted to capture some of that as he continues to promote his online offerings.

yoga teacher leading virtual yoga class at home yoga teacher hosting virtual teacher training virtual teacher training notes with laptop and microphone yoga teacher teaching virtual teacher training class yoga teaching sitting at kitchen counter with blue tea mug

If you need some brand photos, I still have a few spots open for my branding mini sessions on June 12. They will take place in this same location. Get all the details here!

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