Psychologist branding photos: Michelle Presniak

Michelle contacted me about booking my yearly investment branding collection, which includes 4 sessions over the course of the year to keep your website and social media looking fresh. She is a clinical psychologist who is in the process of expanding her business by offering training to other psychologists and mental health professionals.

We met at the Museum of Nature for her first branding session. Here’s a look at the results.

lifestyle portrait of clinical psychologist in ottawalifestyle portrait of psychologist in ottawa portrait of clinical psychologist with coffee cup woman holding coffee cup sitting on staircase sitting by old windows holding coffee cup

Michelle also wanted to include her daughter in some photos to showcase a bit of her personal life.

clinical psychologist laughing with her daughter outside stone building mom blowing bubbles for her daughter to catch

Lastly, we put on this nifty QEEG cap for a few photos to showcase her neurofeedback expertise. Somehow she makes this thing look good!

psychologist wearing neurological brainwave mapping cap wearing neurological brainwave mapping cap

Can’t wait for my next branding session with this awesome psychologist! If you need a branding session, Contact me for more info!

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