Yoga branding session: Sofiya Vyhovska

I had seen her name and her face around social media but had yet to meet the beautiful Sofiya Vyhovska in person until last week. She is bright and bubbly and a newly certified Ashtanga yoga teacher here in Ottawa. She wanted some professional photos taken to highlight her new brand, as she prepares to launch a new website!

We met at Breather, a space in the Byward Market that not only has this beautiful exposed brick wall, but also a really nice, neutral wallpaper with a couch, a chair, a plant. Basically my dream living room.

yoga teacher in hand to big toe pose against a red brick wall yoga teacher in half moon pose against a red brick wallyoga teacher in reverse prayer behind her back yoga teacher in sitting on the carpet in front of the couch in butterfly pose laughingyoga teacher in standing forward fold against red brick wall

A quick wardrobe change for a few more “lifestyle” photos, and my heart began to melt as her beauty just kept unravelling. Like, come ON! Look at this stunner!

lifestyle photos of yoga teacher looking out the window smiling lifestyle photo of yoga teacher sweeping hair away from her face against red brick wall yoga teacher wearing kimono and mala yoga teacher meditating with hands at heart centreyoga teacher meditating on a couch lifestyle photo of yoga teacher sitting in a chair smilinglifestyle photo of yoga teacher in kimono against red brick wall

I had such a blast getting to know Sofiya and as fate would have it, I saw her twice more last week at Parliament Hill Yoga and Pure Yoga for class. This yoga community in Ottawa can sometimes feel like a big one. But slowly, you get to know the people and the community that brings us all together. And if you’re lucky enough to be a part of it, you know how sacred it is. Congrats to this gorgeous girl on becoming a yoga teacher, following her dreams, and for taking the leap and getting some branding photos taken. I know it’s not always easy to spend money on something that seems unnecessary, but investing in your brand, your business, and yourself will pay off in the long run. But that’s just my two cents xo.

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